About Me


Hi there. I’m Lori Boyce, a B2B marketer living a great life in the Midwest U.S.I’m a mom to three amazing people and a happy wife to one amazing guy. I’m blessed to live this incredible life – both professionally and personally.

I write some, and read a lot. I love exploring new topics and trying to learn things I don’t know anything about. I’ve been a writer since authoring my first short story in sixth grade. I was – and still am – amazed by the technical aspect of writing, and the discipline of communicating messages in structured and non-structured ways.

I make spelling errors, dangle modifiers, and ramble endlessly. Sometimes I even intentionally misuse grammar. Because it’s fun to just say something and not worry about the structure.

It’s the journey of trying to perfect the thing that will never be perfected that is fascinating to me. I dig it. Do you?

What’s Here

At loriboyce.me, I share what’s on my mind and in my heart. I love to capture snippets of the human experience through photos and words.

My thoughts and views here are my own, and oftentimes random. Sometimes I write about writing, sometimes about work. I prefer to write about my personal journey through this life I love. All is inspired by what I read and experience.

I hope you enjoy what’s here. I’d love to hear from you.

Take care,