Why I Support St. Jude Children’s Hospital

In 2014, I’m supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a Telethon VIP. That means I’ll be answering phones in Bloomington, IL during the August 2 WEEK-TV telethon. For an hour. I’m one of thousands of people in my community who will get involved again this year to support operations at St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN and its Midwest affiliate in Peoria, IL.

I’d like to share why I’m involved and ask you to support St. Jude through my personal fundraising campaign. Any and all donations help and are put to work immediately.

No Family Should Lose a Child to Cancer

There are so many joys that come inherent with parenthood. Many fears too. If you’re a parent and like me, you’ve lost sleep over fears of your children’s future. Most of these fears thankfully remain unfounded.

When my middle child was in first grade, a social worker pulled us aside to point out our son’s facial tic. “It’s probably nothing,” she shrugged. “But could be a brain tumor or absence seizures.” Say what? Even hearing the possibility was like a kick to the middle. It physically hurt. A few medical exams and tests later, our fears were subsided. No tumors. No seizures. Whew. For a few scary days, the long and wonderful life we’d intended for him was at risk.

Eventually, Matthew was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a high-functioning form of autism. Life altering, not life threatening.

Other families aren’t so fortunate. Many face grim diagnoses that change everything forever. I simply can’t imagine the feelings of fear and helplessness associated with a childhood cancer diagnosis. I’m blessed with healthy children.

When life turns everything upside down, you need focus and hope. Make a donation.

That’s When St. Jude Comes In

St. Jude families never get medical bills for services. Or housing. Or food. Ever. Our donations take care of that and much more. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital treats each patient as an individual and customizes treatments that save lives and give families real hope. Plus, their research is aggressive at finding new treatments and learning about what causes childhood cancer.

How You Can Help

If you know a child or were one, you know why this matters. By donating to my fundraising campaign, you get involved personally. Your donation will provide the comfort and care needed for St. Jude kids and their families. Please visit my donation page to help.

Thanks for your consideration!


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